Découvrez l'histoire de l'Hologravure et les premiers 3D designs totalement stables dans l'espace, imprimés avec la nouvelle technologie 3D Hologravure

14 - To understand 3D Hologravure / 2

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Hologravure technology

  • Multiplicity of designs :

  • Full optic design :

  • Very subtle design. Subtle 3D creations or optic creations :

  • New concept of design (2D design + optic design due to Hologravure technology) :

  • Transparency : 

  • Changing of colors : 

  • Hologravure technology is not only a 3D technology but a NEW TECHNOLOGY developped for GRAPHIC ARTS, mixing conventional2D design and new "optic design".
  1. more designs than before...
  2. new materials, not only in 3D...

  • Generations of Hologravure ...
Each new generation of Hologravure has developed at an exponential rate. However, this does not mean that earlier versions or achievements  are out of date. New products complete creative tools, making  them more and more original and sophisticated.

  • Technological advance ...
Excerpt from Science Encyclopedia. Le Livre de Poche, Collection "La Pochothèque", (registration of copyright 06/1998,  France), under an article entitled, "Stereoscopy": 
"... Recently, by means of hologravure, some procedures were set 
up which directly produce three-dimensional effect without  the use of special equipment for vision."

  • Revolution of design :

  • Revolution of material :

  • Revolution of goods :

  • Revolution of packaging :

  • Animation when you move the picture or when you move in front of the picture or the material. But the dynamic effects are very different of lenticular flip :

  • Security : 

  • Hologravure composite (Hologravure + Lenticular)

  1. Hologravure + lenticular 3D 
  2. Hologravure + lenticular with animation 
  3. Hologravure + lenticular 3D + lenticular with animation 

All the combinations are not good: it depends on design
We print Hologravure technology on rigid, semi-rigid and very flexible materials (for clothes, cases, etc. - size 60 x 60 cm)

With Hologravure pictures, you can have:
  • a 3D picture visible from a distance;
  • animation (but very different of lenticular flip), due to Hologravure technology. Dynamic effects when you move the picture or when you move in front of the picture or the material;
  • mixing of Hologravure and lenticular;
  • a variety of optic designs with the same 2D design;
  • a continual innovation.


Different layers are placed on top of one another.

The layers in the background of the traditional printing surface ("reference layer") are called B1, B2, B3... (B like background); the layers on top of the "reference layer" are called F1, F2... (F like foreground).

The distance between the different layers are in centimeters (from medium plane).

Possibility of "volume" and "space" according to the specificities of Hologravure process.